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Are you looking to start off your business? Would you like a free advertisement? You have come to the right place. If you have a dog related product business, we would be happy to work with you to help maximise the reach of your company.

We pride ourselves in good quality photos, where your product will be shown in junction with Snap. We will write an engaging review regarding your product and advertise it on our social media accounts.


We are happy to work with any kind of dog-related businesses, whether it is well developed or just starting off. The reviews will be mine and not altered in any kind, however, will always be professional throughout working with you and be happy for you guys to stay in contact with us. We will only review items which will be of interest to my following, this would be anything dog related, treats, dog food, toys, accessories etc…


Our Instagram has now achieved over 9000 followers in under a year, and we are getting over 50 extra followers each day! The account total ‘like’ count is well in excess of 70,000 where the account gets viewed over 4000 times a week. The account also gets over 40,000 impressions a month which is impressive. Therefore, the account is growing fast and with an engagement rating of 7%, we are not an influencer you would want to miss out on. Please, check out our Instagram for yourself…


Snap is a beautiful golden coloured F2 Goldendoodle who loves the camera and gets a lot of attention on social media and out and about.


We have already worked with a few companies, for example, PitPat, Dapper Maximus Designs, DogFest, and Guru. We are very ambitious to broaden our horizons and meet loads more intelligent creative individuals.

Please take into consideration, we are doing this for free, it’s just a hobby, therefore, you’ll need to be patient with us completing your reviews.

If you like what you are reading and are willing to send us some of your products for review/advertisement, please head over to our ‘Contact Us’ page and send an email.


Mark & Snap


P.S, Our Instagram Article under the ‘Tips & Tricks’ category may be of interest to you. It provides information on how to grow your Instagram page organically and then ultimately your business.