Furbo Dog Camera

Hi Guys,

So, we have had the fantastic opportunity to review the famous Dog Camera, Furbo! Furbo has been seen on The Ellen Show and rated the #1 gift for your dog by Ellen herself and J-Lo. In this review, we are going to give you an insight into what the Furbo is, our review and also a conclusion.

First impressions of Furbo is that its a nice looking piece of technology and is finished in an elegant white with a wooden top, so it looks like it belongs to be in your room.


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Are they Posh Tags!?

Hi Guys,

Oh Yes, they are!!! We originally had a standard dog tag which was cut from the usual UK pet store, Pets at Home. So we wanted to invest in something which is not the standard dog tag everyone seems to have. This is when we found Posh Tags on Etsy! I will go through how we found the brand, what we liked and what we didn’t like.


Holding PoshTags Business Card


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Paws & Presto Towel

Hi Guys,

What gets wetter the more it dries? 

We were asked to give Paws & Presto Towel a try, as Snappy is a big fluffy and takes a fair while for him to dry. We would be delighted to see how Paws & Presto towel works. We will go into how the towel performed, the sizes and price, we hope you enjoy our article.

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UberPet 4 Dogs (Raw Dining)

Hi Guys,

We were gifted some raw dog food to try made by UberPet, Snap is currently eating Bella & Duke, therefore, it will be interesting to see what a different raw food brand can offer. This post will go into more detail regarding UberPet themselves, information about a raw diet for your dog and our verdict on their products. We will take you through our raw food experience and ultimately tell you the final verdict on their products so you can shop confidently when looking for a raw diet for your precious canine friend!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank UberPet for letting us try out their food and provide you guys with an insight into their products.

First sniffs of UberPet Raw Beef

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Rainbow Lead

Hi Guys,

We have been on the lookout for a new leash for a while now, dating back before DogFest so a fair while. We thought we would hold out on buying one until after we have visited DogFest as we knew there would be loads of awesome stalls there to view. We didn’t go for any of the leashes which were on sale at DogFest, however, Hugo and Hudson had a beautiful Paul Smith styled leash which I nearly bought but I had my hopes on a rope one. (Maybe someday soon)

We decided to get a beautiful custom made one: The Rainbow Lead


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PitPat – UKs #1 Dog Activity Monitor

Hello Guys,

I just wanted to share with you an interesting electronic device for you little hairy friends. Introducing the PitPat, the UK’s #1 dog activity monitor. We came across PitPat on Instagram and we then met them in person whilst at DogFest Cheshire.



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