Furbo Dog Camera

Hi Guys,

So, we have had the fantastic opportunity to review the famous Dog Camera, Furbo! Furbo has been seen on The Ellen Show and rated the #1 gift for your dog by Ellen herself and J-Lo. In this review, we are going to give you an insight into what the Furbo is, our review and also a conclusion.

First impressions of Furbo is that its a nice looking piece of technology and is finished in an elegant white with a wooden top, so it looks like it belongs to be in your room.



The Furbo is a dog camera which hoomans can connect to remotely on their smartphones using the Furbo App. When hoomans have connected to the Furbo, they are able to do various activities which we will go further into during this review. The Furbo is here to alleviate your dog from separation anxiety whilst you’re away and ultimately improve your dog’s life. You can buy yourself a Furbo for £249 from their website – www.furbo.com however, if your quick, you can get it on offer at £199. If you’re based in the US, no problem, Furbo can ship them there too.


The Specifications of the Furbo:

  • 1080p Full HD Video
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • 160° wide angle lens
  • 2-way communications (Noise & Echo Suppression)
  • Treat tossing
  • Video/Photos functions
  • Barking Alerts
  • Size – 15x12x22.5cm

The Furbo comes with free shipping, 2-year warranty & 30-day money back

What comes in the box? 

  • Furbo Dog Camera
  • Power adapter
  • 2m USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide


The Setup: 

The requirements:

  • Broadband connection: 1Mbps upload speed minimum
  • WiFi
  • Plug Socket
  • iOS 10 or Newer / Andriod 6.0 or Newer

The setup of the device is very simple:

Step 1: Download the Furbo app from your preferred app store

Step 2: Connect the Furbo to the power outlet

Step 3: Wait for the Furbo light to turn Yellow

Step 4: Load the Furbo app on your smartphone. The app will automatically start searching for the Furbo

Step 5: Add treats and your Furbo is ready to go.


Camera Quality: 

The camera quality stands true to its 1080 full HD video specification. The wide angle 160° lens is really good, you have a huge area of viewing. You also have a 4x digital zoom.

If you wanted to you can change the quality settings from 1080 to 720 and 360.


Night vision Quality: 

The Nightvision quality is really good powered by an Infrared LED, we can see most of the living room with it. We were very surprised at how well it worked.


Mic Quality: 

The voice quality is pretty good, you would be able to hear it from across your home but you’d struggle to hear it from upstairs. Dogs will be able to hear it for sure.

There is an ability to change how loud the volume is in the settings.

Treat Tossing: 

So we are here at the best part… We were very sceptical whether this function would work or just get jammed. We were pleasantly surprised that it worked flawlessly. The treats Furbo gave us were a little small however, Snap loved being showered in treats.

You can change the treat call from the default sound which sounds like a ‘click’ to a default recording where you can record your own 6-second message. This is a lovely personalised touch and it helped with Snap being nervous when we tossed treats to him.

Any type of treats is compatible with the Furbo as long as they are round shaped treats. However, 0.4mm to 1cm sized treats work best.


Barking Alerts:

The Furbo has the ability to notify you if your pup is barking, we had many notifications of Snap barking as he was sat watching the squirrels outside. If you don’t want barking notifications you can turn this feature off in the settings.



Customer Service:

Snap at first was very wary of the Furbo, especially the clicking noise it made when you slide the treat tossing function up. We contacted Furbo to ask them about what we could do to help, they promptly responded with some great ideas which we followed. The ideas were:

‘Empty the treats from the Furbo, activate the treat function and give Snap a treat by hand. This shows that there is nothing to worry about when the Furbo makes that sound.’ 

Snap is never alone at home now, if we are away, we can chat to Snap on the Furbo and send him treats where ever we are.


Future Improvements: 

What I would love to see on the next Furbo if they ever decide to do one is a screen so Snap can see us as we can see him. This will stop Snap running into the living room looking for us to find that we aren’t really there.



Overall, we love the Furbo, it has so many features and it’s great to make sure Snap is behaving whilst we are away. The concept of the device is to minimise anxiety for your dog whilst your not at home. We think it does this very well, however, it would be nice for Snap to be able to see us as well. Currently, Snap runs into the living room looking for us to find that we aren’t there. So he then runs around the house looking for us instead.

Get yourself a Furbo for your doggo and then you’ll be able to check in and keep track of them while you are away from the house. You’ll be able to treat your doggo remotely, now that’s got to be a good thing for both of you.



If you would like to collaborate with us and get your brand exposed, send us an email to SnapTheDoodle@gmail.com. 

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