Are they Posh Tags!?

Hi Guys,

Oh Yes, they are!!! We originally had a standard dog tag which was cut from the usual UK pet store, Pets at Home. So we wanted to invest in something which is not the standard dog tag everyone seems to have. This is when we found Posh Tags on Etsy! I will go through how we found the brand, what we liked and what we didn’t like.


Holding PoshTags Business Card


So we were looking around for new tags, therefore I took to Instagram to ask my dog loving friends where they got theirs from. I was recommended Posh Tags from my Instagram friend Doris_The_Frenchie.

I took to Etsy which is where Posh Tags were sold and had a look at what they had for sale. I instantly fell in love with them! The link below will take you to their Shop.


I loved how posh they looked, and how they stacked on each other. Below is the tag that we bought we also had our mobile number engraved on the bottom disk.


When we received the tags, they did look well made however we did have a few problems with them, unfortunately…

The first problems weren’t much of a deal, the little paw that sat on the top of the discs didn’t sit flat. This was due to the loop of the paw not being big enough for the actual ring. It could only sit flat where the ring wasn’t doubled up. We didn’t let this bother us that much.

However, after a month of wearing the beautiful tags, I spotted that Snap was gaining a nice green/grey stain on his chest where the tags were actually sitting. We then did some research on the metals which are used for the tags. Posh Tags told us that they use Brass & Nickle for there tags. Well, as most people know Brass stains all sorts of things, because of the chemicals contained in the metal. I mentioned all this to Posh Tags themselves with hopes they would have the answer as I missed the jingle of the tags when snap walked along.


Snaps metal stain…

Posh Tags response to this was that she has never encountered this issue before which I find very hard to believe as brass does just stain everything it touches its called tarnishing. Anyway, Posh Tags recommended us to put clear nail varnish on the tags to prevent it from tarnishing. So I called up my sister who has such a thing and coated each disc in about 5 layers of nail varnish.

This remedy lasted nearly another month and the varnish just fell off the discs along with the black writing in the engraving. We came to the conclusion that we can’t use the posh tags anymore due to them staining Snaps fur. What Posh Tags really should do is dip the tags into a plastic to coat them, this will 100% prevent any tarnish or any other metal reactions. For the price of £8.75 for the tags, I thought this would have been a standard procedure…

We did like the tags, but only recommend them if your pooch has dark fur even then be careful, you may need to do more research into this. We enjoyed the tags the two months Snap could wear them.


Snap flaunting his awesome new tags


Thank You for reading


Mark & Snap