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What gets wetter the more it dries? 

We were asked to give Paws & Presto Towel a try, as Snappy is a big fluffy and takes a fair while for him to dry. We would be delighted to see how Paws & Presto towel works. We will go into how the towel performed, the sizes and price, we hope you enjoy our article.

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About Paws & Presto:

So, a while ago we received a towel from Paws & Presto. Paws and Presto have a mission to provide good quality but yet stylish dog products which are to make your pup stand out in your local dog park. They aim to create products which help solve problems which they themselves encounter when out and about with their own dogs.

Paws & Presto currently provide three items, these are Reflective Hi-Vis Cooling Jacket (£20), Cooling Matt (£15) and obviously the Towel which we are currently reviewing (£20).

As Snap is a firm water lover, we wanted to push their towel to the limits to see how well it performed against Snaps big fluffy coat.

The Microfibre Towel:

But first, let’s talk about the Towel itself…

You definitely need one of these towels…

We received a nice grey Microfibre Towel which by the way is huge in size. The dimensions of the towel are 160cm x 60cm, it would be great for dogs of any size. The microfibre technology allows the towel to effectively dry your dog and due to its size, it provides great coverage.

Paws & Presto say that their Microfibre Towels are capable to absorb 10 times more water than your average cotton towel. This is due to the towel being of the highest quality.

Not only does the towel dry your dog effectively but it also dries quickly, ready for the next use. It would be a great accessory to take to the beach as your dog may get wet more than once from bouncing around in the sea.

Cooling off with a cool towel on these hot summer days the UK were having.

TIP: On these hot summer days, you can put the towel in ice cold water and use it as a cooling towel too. Make sure you ring the towel out well first and keep away from carpets. 

The towel comes in two different colours:

  1. Brown
  2. Grey (Ours)


We first used the towel when we took Snap out and he got a “Little” muddy…


After numerous splashes in and out of the river, we took still dirty Snap home for a bath. We found the towel worked very well, it most certainly did dry Snap a lot better than the original cotton towels we have. The towel soaked up all of the water leaving just his fur a little damp.

Keeping warm in my towel after bathtime.

TIP: You can use the towel to protect your car seats from your dirty dog.

We, of course, saw pawtential for some fun with the towel and turned Snap into a member of the Star Wars Cast…

The force is strong in this one…


While it is not a cheap towel it definitely does the job really well. The towel is of high quality and you can definitely see the difference between it and a cotton towel.  We would like to thank Paws & Presto for allowing us to review their towel, it was super fun seeing how different a towel can actually be.

They also own the cutest little doodle ever, meet Digby…

Digby – Paws & Presto

Please head over to their website: to learn more about their products. They are also on Instagram under the handle: @paws_presto

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Mark & Snap




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