Rainbow Lead

Hi Guys,

We have been on the lookout for a new leash for a while now, dating back before DogFest so a fair while. We thought we would hold out on buying one until after we have visited DogFest as we knew there would be loads of awesome stalls there to view. We didn’t go for any of the leashes which were on sale at DogFest, however, Hugo and Hudson had a beautiful Paul Smith styled leash which I nearly bought but I had my hopes on a rope one. (Maybe someday soon)

We decided to get a beautiful custom made one: The Rainbow Lead


Leash Research:

After a lot of research, I kind of knew what sort of leash I was looking for, a luxury leash, beautiful colours, good quality clips and rings, and a soft brown leather handle. This is when I came across two brands…

Nesspaco is a brand which makes collars, leashes and neckerchiefs. I must say some of their stuff is quite pricey but like I said I wanted a luxury leash. The brand also has a brand ambassador from Instagram called GoodBoyBear. GoodBoyBear is a stunning white Goldendoodle whos momma is a dentist. I have followed GoodBoyBear literally from the start of creating Instagram and fell in love with his content. Bear posted a promotional picture of a Nesspaco Leash which inspired me for the colours I wanted.

GoodBoyBear with his multicoloured Nesspaco leash

However, there was a slight problem with Nesspaco for me, they are an American company so the postage for a British pup would have cost me a fortune!

Research Complete: 

I had been following Dapper Maximus Designs on Instagram for some time now, enjoying watching her post new designs and spoken to her a bit also via Instagram chat about her brand etc. They are a small home business, owned by a creative young entrepreneur who is studying her A levels. They have a website, which I have linked below. Give Dapper Maximus designs a follow to find out what they have in store for you!

Here is a link to there website:


She told me that she did custom requests, this is when I proposed whether she could create me a rainbow leash. When she replied with “Yes I can” I nearly fell over, I instantly responded with, “I would like to buy a leash from you!”

She is such a lovely person, very easy to chat to and very professional. We went through all the leash specifications, here is what I chose:

  • 1.5 meters long
  • 12mm thickness
  • Rainbow colours – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple
  • Spliced rope handle
  • Ancor charm
  • Gold metal
  • Black whipping

If your a Sherlock wannabe like me, earlier I wanted a soft leather handled leash. Well, the reason I chose to have a rope handle was due to the fact I wanted the colours to go all the way up the lead to give more room for colour.

The final product is just fantastic:


Delivery Day:

It didn’t take Dapper Maximus Design long to string together our new leash, I was quite surprised how little time it took for her to make it. (11 days)



They have stopped using plastic packaging to reduce plastic waste, therefore, Dapper Maximus Designs use a drawstring bag and tissue paper with their signature deer on it. The packaging is simple but effective. We also bought a red neckerchief from them, that’s why there are two items on that photo. Snap was super excited to see his new present as he was fighting me for the delivery bag.


Dapper Maximus Design themselves are a lovely small home business, which I think does very well. The leads they create are of luxury standard and are worth a look at. Out and about with the leash, I get so many compliments, asking me where I bought it etc. The feeling of telling them about Dapper Maximus Designs always feels good as I know she will always deliver.

The lead is super strong, Snap pulls like a steam train and it seems to be keeping together nicely. The Ancor charm is a little on the small side, I was kinda expecting it to be around an inch big, but it wasn’t much of a deal. I love my new lead, and I will be ordering another one from Dapper Maximus Designs soon. One with a leather handle with Snaps name inscribed into it.

Snap looking fine with his Rainbow Leash

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Mark & Snap

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