PitPat – UKs #1 Dog Activity Monitor

Hello Guys,

I just wanted to share with you an interesting electronic device for you little hairy friends. Introducing the PitPat, the UK’s #1 dog activity monitor. We came across PitPat on Instagram and we then met them in person whilst at DogFest Cheshire.



We were invited to their PitPat hangout area where the humans got a glass of Prosecco and Snap got Pawsecco, a pet alcohol-free alternative. We were then offered a PitPat

I will write about what the device does, how to set it up, and our views on them. I hope you find this article informative and interesting.

What is a PitPat? 

A PitPat is just like a Fitbit but for your dog/dogs, how cool is that!! The device was designed with vets and is CE compliant. It enables you to track your dog’s activity and get them to reach a targeted goal based on your dog’s age, weight and breed. It does this by using a three-axis accelerometer (not via GPS) so your personal locational data isn’t stored anywhere.

The PitPat is waterproof (IP67), small, lightweight and uses velcro so you can strap it to any dogs collar or harness. The device connects to your phone via Bluetooth and connects to a free downloadable app from your phones app store.

They have a PitPat 1 and 2, the second one gives you the ability to see the distance your dog has travelled. The PitPat is only for dogs at the moment.


Snap at the PitPat VIP lounge


How to setup your PitPat?

Setting up your PitPat takes only a few minutes and is just a few simple steps. When we spoke to the PitPat team at DogFest, they said they get loads of questions from customers who need help with setting up their dog activity monitor. So, I just wanted to write some instructions explaining how to setup your PitPat.

Steps on setting up your PitPat: 

  1.  Install the app, then follow the in-app instructions to register your dog and activate your PitPat.
  2.  Attach your PitPat anywhere on your dog’s collar/harness using the Velcro.
  3.  Time to play and start hitting your PitPat Goal
  4.  To see how you did, Load the app on your phone and push fetch data. Now press the PitPat device button and let it sync to your phone.

If your PitPat doesn’t connect to your phone, try turning your phones Bluetooth off and on, if this doesn’t work, a simple reboot of your phone may fix it.

Steps on sharing your PitPat on a different phone.

  1. Download the PitPat app on the second Apple/Android phone
  2. Don’t click “add a dog” at the end of the account creation, Select “skip this step” instead.
  3. On the phone which has the dog already setup, Tap on the dog photo at the top of the application and scroll down to the bottom and select “Share this dog”
  4. Enter the email address the second user used to create their account, after a few minutes the dog should be shared with the second mobile device.
  5. On the Second device, you can pull down on the screen to refresh the content and you’ll both always be in sync. So it doesn’t matter who syncs the PitPat, both mobile devices will be updated with the latest information.


Here is our view on the PitPat

My parents come from an IT background, one a senior professional programmer with over 30 years experience in many programming languages (Swift, SQL, Java, C, C++, Python etc). The other who has just completed his degree in Computer Systems Forensics and Security we know what we are looking for when it comes to the Internet of Things, computers and software as we have written many ourselves.

We have stayed in touch with PitPat and already have sent some feedback regarding their application software. We find the PitPat software very user-friendly, it’s neat, easy to navigate and professional looking. We love the dog-related statements which increase the user’s engagement with the device.

We were over the moon when the PitPat team gave us one of their devices, we have never had a response like that before so were a little speechless. Especially that PitPat were high up on the list to see at DogFest Chesire. The team is so lovely, easy to chat too and we used them as our base throughout the festival.


Enjoying our adventures in Llangollen, Wales. The views are fantastic…


We couldn’t set up the device at DogFest as the signal there was so terrible nothing was working. Once we got home, we were super excited to get the device setup ready for the second day of the festival.


Snap wearing his PitPat with his pretty UK bow.


We downloaded the app from the App Store:

Apple: IOS PitPat Application Link

Google/Android: Google Play PitPat Application Link

We found that the device wouldn’t connect to the phone but with a simple off and on with the Bluetooth the device connected perfectly. We strapped the PitPat to Snaps Collar using the velcro on the PitPat and put the collar back on Snap. Once this was done, we then wanted to Share Snap between each other as we both wanted to see the results of Snaps activity. Steps to do this is in the how to set up your PitPat paragraph.

The second day of DogFest came and we were super excited to get Snap working towards his goal. We completed the Great Dog Walk whilst we were there which we knew would increase Snaps activity. We had a busy day on the second day of DogFest, as you can see by the results of Snaps PitPat:


Snaps PitPat Activity at DogFest Cheshire


From this, we knew the PitPat is so good, with so much potential and we love telling everyone about it. We are proud to be part of the PitPat Pack. 


Let’s get moving guys, we need to hit them PitPat goals!!


Smashing them goals!


The PitPat is well designed, being waterproof, small and lightweight. You can strap it on any collar, or harness it’ll fit most things. There are a few things on the app which could be improved, we have passed these on to PitPat, but the app is fully functional and very easy to use. We are not sure the battery will last a year like they say as we are always playing with it pushing the button for it to update. However, even if the battery does run out you can replace it, the PitPat 1 uses a CR1632 and the PitPat 2 uses a CR2032 Coin cell.

The PitPat only costs £39 with free p&p, which is a steal! If you don’t like your experience which we highly doubt, there is 14-days free refund. It’s time to find out how your dog activity is getting on. See how much walking, running, playing, pottering and resting they do. You will be surprised how much your fluffy friends move about overnight.

PitPat have told us a few ideas they have in mind, which all sounds super interesting! They’re definitely a company you really want to keep your eye on for super exciting adventures.

Please head over to them for more information:

Website: www.pitpatpet.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/pitpatpack


I hope you found this article interesting and helped you with your decision on buying a PitPat and becoming part of the PitPat Pack. ❤

Thanks for reading friends,

Mark & Snap

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